Call for Papers



Second REMAPS Conference

(Revenue Management & Pricing in Services)


Angers - Paris, France

13th and 15th December 2017


Call for Papers

Back in 2015, the University of Angers’ GRANEM Research Department and School of Management (ESSCA) hosted, in Paris, the first Revenue Management & Pricing Services Conference (REMAPS). Bringing together scholars and industry practitioners from the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and Europe, we shared ideas, concepts, best practices, and learned from each other. Research papers presentations were selected using a double blind review process. Following the conference, selected papers were submitted to a second round of review and then published in a REMPAS Special Issue of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management (doi:10.1057/s41272-017-0084-2).

We are delighted to announce the second REMAPS conference to be held in Angers on the 13th of December, and in Paris on the 15th of December 2017. The two-day program will include academic presentations and discussions, as well as industry and academia Keynote Speakers. Following the success of the first conference, we again offer a unique opportunity to network, build or renew relationships, and brainstorm on current Revenue Management and Pricing trends and issues.


The 2017 REMAPS is co-organized by ESSCA, School of Management, and GRANEM Research Center (University of Angers), with the support from the ESTHUA, School of Tourism and Hospitality and of the Department of Economics and Management (DEG), University of Angers. This conference offers academics, managers and consultants a platform for addressing the main issues related to Revenue Management and Pricing in the service sectors.


Pricing decisions in the service sector are of strategic importance due to the impact on customer demand, image, competitive positioning and profitability. It follows that the development and implementation of pricing policies, in an environment of global competition, requires having a broad view of relevant theories, practices and implementation tools and methods. Accordingly, the REMAPS conference aims to offer both academics and practitioners the best exposure to current contributions and practices in the field.


Submissions from academics and PhD students, consultancy businesses, industry managers, service sector companies and/or public sector organizations are encouraged. Submitted papers must focus on Revenue Management & Pricing issues, addressing specific topics, including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Big data and Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management Systems
  • Revenue Management and e-distribution
  • Consumer’s perception of Price Policies
  • Revenue Management in the Public Sector
  • Revenue Management Integrity
  • Revenue Management and CRM integration
  • Revenue Management and social media
  • Revenue Management in non-traditionnel services
  • Legal Environments and Pricing Policies
  • Theories of attribute pricing in services
  • Dynamic pricing practices in services
  • Price presentations and behavioral economics of pricing.


Submission and evaluation:


Submissions must be in English, and follow the guidelines of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.  All manuscripts submitted will be reviewed by the conference co-chairs (Patrick Legohérel, Zvi Schwartz, HG Parsa, and Elizabeth Poutier). Following the conference, and with the authors’ consent, selected papers will undergo a double blind review, in consideration for publication in the REMAPS Special Issue of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management. The final acceptance decision will be made by Professor Ian Yeoman, JRPM’s Editor-in-Chief.



Remaps will remain a small audience conference, and the number of papers accepted for presentation will be limited. So, manuscripts should be submitted as soon as possible.


Paper are due by Sunday, October 15, 2017.


Acceptance decisions will be announced by the end of October 2017.

The FINAL revised papers must be submitted by November 15, 2017.




Patrick Legohérel (University of Angers, France)

Zvi Schwartz (University of Delaware, USA)

HG Parsa (University of Denver, USA)

Elizabeth Poutier (Essca Business School, France)



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